We produce clean energy
for clients around the world.

Savings Financial Incentives

There are many incentives available to the owners of solar plants in the Central Valley. From Net Energy Metering to investment tax credits, ImMODO will research and present ways to get the most value from your investment.

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PPA Power Purchase Agreements

ImModo Energy Services Corporation offers long-term contracts called Power Purchase Agreements that allow you to buy electricity at a predetermined rate. You will immediately realize a lower utility bill.

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EPC Engineering, Procurement, and Construction

ImModo Energy Services Corporation delivers full-scale engineering, procurement, and construction services, from production studies to comprehensive engineering and design. Our turnkey solutions enable customers to focus on their business while we manage the solar project.

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Solar Farming in Fresno, CA

Operating an agricultural, commercial, or industrial business in the San Joaquin Valley comes with its own sets of unique challenges. At ImMODO Energy Services Corporation, we live right here in the Valley which means we understand your unique issues – and we’re skilled at helping you create a solar farm in Fresno that will benefit your business.

Industries We Help

Using our local experience, combined with our global knowledge and expertise, we bring cost-effective, timely, reliable, and technologically advanced solar farming systems to businesses in the agricultural, commercial, and industrial industries, including:

Services We Provide

You already have a lot on your plate. We provide peace of mind by taking care of the entire process of solar system implementation, with services including:
  • Engineering, procurement, and construction services
  • Power purchase agreements
  • Operations and maintenance
You don’t have to worry about the steps and details of your solar farming project, because we handle everything from site preparation to installation to commissioning. We deliver on-time, on-budget, quality-controlled projects. We know you need to save money. When you begin using our systems for solar farming, you will immediately realize a lower combined energy cost between your utility bill and the ImMODO bill.


We help you rest easy by monitoring your systems every minute of every day with advanced technology that allows us to catch any issues long before a routine maintenance inspection would catch them.

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Trust the largest commercial solar company in the San Joaquin Valley to provide you with a smart solar farming system that is suited to your particular needs here in Fresno. Contact us through our website, or call us at (559) 713-6533.